I LOVE Kharma


The other day I had a chance to speak with the amazingly beautiful soul, Christina Lammardo, C.E.O and founder of kharma inc. “I want people to know I created this line because I care about our health and well-being, and wanted clean products that align with our lifestyle choices.”


I personally want to share this product with all of you. Christina has a beautiful line and vision for the future. It is so important for you to know this brand is 100% vegan, made with natural/organic ingredients, eco-friendly, and free of parabens, synthetics, mineral oil, silicones, petrolatum, etc.. I tried all the Universal Tints and every shade is spot on amazing! My favorite is Carob for that Summer Tan look and let me tell you, I have been looking for a replacement for Bobbi’s Summer Tan Pot rouge for quite awhile now. ;) Teddy is the prettiest of pink. Plum, Autumn & Cinnamon are luxuriously rich.


I truly hope you all have a chance to check out this line at mykharmabeauty.com

Peace & Love,

Jaime Mullane Makeup Artistry  www.JaimeMullane.com

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