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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Love what you see, do it NOW and don’t wait.

At some age we lose this urge to LOVE ourselves exactly how we are in the moment.

I see my daughter in this picture and I see a little girl that just wanted to kiss herself when she looked in the mirror. That is the natural instinct at that age until we grow and experiences change our natural ability to self-love.

Yes, we all grow up and we know this changes but it doesn’t have to. OK, You don’t have to kiss the mirror but...

When was the last time you had a positive thought about where YOU are, right NOW and in the Moment? 

Drop the self bashing in your mind...” oh if I just lost __ more pounds, oh if I just had less wrinkles, Oh if I could get a facelift.”  I hear you. But by the time you get there you will want something else to change.

As women in this world, please change your self talk. 

Think about what you LOVE about being YOU...Don’t think about what you don’t love about being You.

Think about your favorite thing that you LOVE- this makes you Uniquely Beautiful. 

Guess what ---Law of Attraction works in Beauty too. Energy flows where your Attention goes and the Universe will deliver more of what you are thinking of or giving your energy to. 

So think about that in your next self talk because you will ABSOLUTELY get more of whatever it is that you choose to say to yourself or focus your attention on.

Nobody is perfect, we are all human. Celebrate our differences. 


XO, Jaime

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